Every billboard NFT is continuously auctioned under the Harberger Tax, making it a profitable digital asset.

Billboard NFTs are an investment—trade billboard NFTs and profit when sold at higher prices. The Harberger Tax governs the billboard NFT, utilizing market competition to price and monetize billboard spaces efficiently.

The tax revenue from billboards is distributed to creators democratically and efficiently through a quadratic funding mechanism.

Quadratic funding allocates tax revenue based on the quantity and size of community donations. It is a democratic and efficient method of distributing platform revenue, ensuring that creators who generate contributions receive the matching funding. This collective decision-making process is dynamic and can be constantly evolving.

Creators can generate higher direct income through continuous NFT billboard auctions and by creating their own NFT billboards.

Thriving billboard transactions generate more tax revenue, fostering direct support from readers to creators and creating a buoyant content economy.

A protocol within an open network that allows for seamless integration with a wide range of applications.

This on-chain billboard protocol can be easily integrated into various applications, enabling more direct monetization methods and promoting fairer distribution.

The on-chain billboard protocol revolutionizes platform attention by converting it into NFT billboards through Harberger tax auctions. Advertisers can bid on NFTs, enabling them to promote their ideas and work through fair and efficient market competition. The tax revenue generated from the auctions is then distributed back to the platform contributors through quadratic funding, ensuring a transparent and equitable allocation.